White Box Test Technique

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White box testing is a kind of software testing that involves looking into the inner workings of the code of an application. This method is sometimes referred to as structural testing, transparent box testing, or glass box testing. Because it needs knowledge of programming languages and a grasp of how the code is organized, white box testing is often carried out by developers.
White box testing's objective is to verify that the application's logic is valid and that the code is working as expected. This is accomplished by evaluating the application's data structures, the source code, and running test cases that exercise certain code lines and functionalities.

Statement Testing & Decision Testing Coverage
1. Statement Testing & Coverage
Statement testing exercises the potential executable statements in the code. Coverage is measured as the number of statements executed by the tests divided by the total number of executable statements in the test object, normally expressed as a percentage.

2. Decision Testing & Coverage

Decision testing exercises the decisions in the code and tests the code that is executed based on the decision outcomes. To do this, the test cases follow the control flows that occur from a decision point (e.g., for an IF statement, one for the true outcome and one for the false outcome;

Achieving 100% decision coverage guarantees 100% statement coverage.

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